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- Jeeseok Choi
82 - 51 - 2207653

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   The venture and supply to various companies at home

   and abroad to develop its own technology and

   localization success was dependent on imports of  

   magnesium die casting machine parts, was founded in

   October 2011 dogyeong technology.

   The company has grown into a favorite customer

   acclaimed by customers, and by providing world-

   class quality products more cheaply through 4 years

                                                                 of research and development.

Especially Plunger Ring and Punger tip which are the core parts of Hot-chamber die casting

machine are provided to not only the primary partner company of Samsung Electronic, the world

class mobilephone manufacturing company but also to the primary mobilephone part

manufacturing partner company of Samsung Electronic in China.  Also Dogyeong Tech's products

are being provided to the primary automobile manufacturing company that provides magnesium

products, correspondingly lightening of automobiles. On the domestic side, SJ tech, Fine Technics,

Daedong, Hanra Cast, M&C (China), Foxlink (China) are trading in our products. We are planning to

broaden our market to India, Vietnam, Germany, etc. 

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